Missionary speaks to CA students
Allen Massie, of Troy, spoke to elementary school students at Christian Academy Schools Feb. 19 about his mission trips to Peru.

Massie is employed by Hillcrest Hearing and Balance Center, where he has worked as a board hearing instrument specialist for 12 years. He has traveled to Peru every October for 17 years to work with an ENT team in Pucallpa. He performed hearing tests so doctors could determine if patients needed hearing aids or surgery. He also fit hearing aids for the native people.
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Where There's a Will, There's an Aid
On May 17, 1984, my life changed. That was the day my audiologist told me I needed hearing aids. As a child, I had been diagnosed with sensorineural hearing loss that had continued to progress. My great-great-grandparents had been deaf, and I had scarlet fever, measles and the mumps-any of which may have caused my hearing loss.
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Hear well in a noisy world - Consumer Reports magazine
When we set out to test hearing aids, we encountered the same challenges that hearing-aid shoppers face every day: a fragmented and confusing marketplace and difficulty sorting out good hearing-aid providers from less-capable ones.

We followed a dozen actual patients for six months as they shopped for and used hearing aids, conducted a national survey of 1,100 people who had bought a hearing aid in the past three years, and lab-tested the features of 44 hearing aids. Here's what we found:
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