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There are many causes for balance and dizziness disorders, some of which can be ruled out during a physical examination by your physician, before being referred to our office. If you do not have a physician, our physicians at Southwest Ohio ENT Specialists would be happy to assist you.

Balance Disorders

Balance disorders are often accompanied by changes in hearing or the ears' function. A thorough evaluation begins with testing of the outer, middle and inner ears. We also provide additional sophisticated computer generated tests that evaluate the inner ear fluids, nerve conduction pathways, the central nervous system and the connections between the inner ear, eye movement and the brain.

Any and/or all of these studies may be requested by the physician to assist in the proper diagnosis of your situation. If your testing is to take place at Hillcrest Hearing & Balance Center, the Dizziness / Vertigo Questionnaire should be completed and brought to your appointment. If the form was not mailed to you, you can print and complete the form and bring it with you.

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