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The professional staff at Hillcrest Hearing & Balance Center is here to serve all of your hearing health care needs. We are committed to working with you towards the goal of improving your quality of life through better hearing. Together we will determine your hearing instrument needs relative to your hearing loss, style preferences, lifestyle and listening requirements. You will also experience properly fitted hearing instruments in your own environment so you can evaluate the benefits.

Included with your purchase:

  • 30 day evaluation period
  • One year supply of batteries
  • Attendance for you and a guest to The Hidden Impact of Hearing Loss, a nationally recognized program.
  • Repair warranty
  • Loss and/or damage warranty
  • Dri-Aid kit - a dehumidifier for hearing instruments
  • In-office service for the life of your hearing instruments; including cleaning, adjusting, and checking your instruments to maintain maximum performance.

Hearing Evaluation

A complete hearing evaluation is required by Federal and State law before you can be provided with a hearing instrument. Medical clearance by a physician (in writing) stating that you are a candidate for amplification is also required unless you sign a waiver. If you have been evaluated by one of our physicians, that information becomes part of your medical record and is the only medical clearance needed.

All hearing testing conducted in our offices is performed by licensed Audiologists and Hearing Instrument Specialists. Accurate test results are critical to the selection of the appropriate hearing instrument(s) for your particular needs. If you have been evaluated by another physician, you will need to bring current hearing test results (obtained within the last six months) along with a medical clearance statement from your physician. Also, if you currently wear a hearing instrument please bring it with you.

Evaluation Period

At your initial consultation, the hearing instrument(s) best suited to your individual needs will be selected and ordered. It takes approximately two weeks for your products to be received and processed. You will then return to us for your fitting. The hearing instruments are programmed for your unique hearing loss and comfort levels. At this point, every patient undergoes comprehensive instruction on how to listen again.

Emphasis is placed on how the brain must relearn to focus on specific sounds that the individual wants to pay attention to and ignore irrelevant noises. All patients are instructed on the use and care of their individual hearing instruments. There is a 30-day evaluation period so you can experience amplification in your normal everyday environment. During this period, we will monitor your progress and make any adjustments that may be required to ensure you are receiving the maximum benefit and experiencing a smooth transition to the world of improved hearing. Once you feel comfortable and confident with your new instruments we recommend regular check-ups to maintain peak performance. Check-ups and follow-up appointments are always conducted free of charge.

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